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We've got a skate park!   At this activity, we teach the basics of freestyle skateboarding.  Come and learn how to ollie, land a jump, or grind a rail!  If you already know how to skate, show us your stuff!  These elements are great for inline skates as well.  Strap on your skates and grab some big air off the launch ramp.

Safety equipment is required.  Campers in the skate park must wear helmets and  knee, wrist, and elbow pads.  We provide skateboards and safety equipment for kids who have never tried it before.  But we encourage campers to bring their own boards from home.  A skateboard has a feel and flex to it (its easier to ride a board you're used to and that you have broken in yourself). 

Campers who want to use in-line skates at the park must bring their own.  

Skateboarding summer camp