Camp Reunion is December 9th!

The Campus Kids reunion is for the campers, their family members, and the staff of CK 2018. You can view the invitation and RSVP here! It's STILL not too late to RSVP!"

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Sport Specialty Programs at Campus Kids

The CK-NJ SPORT SPECIALTY OPTIONS are available for the high level athlete OR the beginner who is looking to seriously improve their skills in the following sports:

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The 2018 bunk group photos have been posted online!

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We give CAMP TOURS year-round by appointment. Tell your friends that they can make a tour appointment for their family.
Tours are given on the weekends during Fall, Winter and Spring.  During the summer camp season, they are offered on weekdays.

Questions or suggestions? Please give us a call (973-845-9260) or send an e-mail to Tom or Jeremy or Katie.

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Weekend Adventure

The Campus Kids Weekend Adventure is a terrific optional program that allows our junior, senior and super senior campers (this is campers entering 7th grade and up) to camp out in the woods with CK-NJ Staff and campers instead of coming home for the weekend. Each Weekend Adventure will feature amazing outdoor activities and a unique day trip. We took three different Weekend Adventures in 2018.  We'll tell you later about plans for our 2019 trips!

Camp Sports

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Enroll before November 30th and receive the fall early bird discount! Campus Kids 2019 dates and fees are here.

Summer Photo Gallery Archive

What to see photos galleries from previous summers? You can access them here!

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