. . . are in important part of our staff. Our camp has 25-30 staff members who are citizens of other countries. Because of visa requirements, however, there is a special application procedure for applicants who are not U.S. or Canadian citizens. Please read the following information carefully.

In order to work legally at a U.S. summer camp you must have a valid visa. For most people that means getting the J-1 cultural exchange visa, which must be done with one of the approved international camp staff agencies.

Check out their websites and contact the appropriate office in your country. You will complete a staff application for the agency of your choice (NOT the regular Campus Kids staff application). Contact these agencies right away because it can take quite a while for the application and visa process to be completed.  If you are already working with a different visa-sponsoring agency, please let us know.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian Citizens may contact us directly and complete a Campus Kids staff application. If accepted, we will submit your visa request to an exchange agency. The visa application for Canadians must be submitted no later than April 1st.

Staff From Other Countries