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This page was updated on 3/17/19.
Available positions for the 2019 camp season are highlighted in red.
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Must be at least 18 and completed one year of college or "gap year".

Each counselor has two roles at Campus Kids: both bunk counselor and activity instructor. As a bunk counselor, you work with one or two co-counselors, living with your camp "family" of 8-12 boys or girls, providing support, guidance and supervision in the bunk, at meals and during all-camp activities while also maintaining the highest safety standards. Each camper's bunk counselors help him/her choose activities each day for the next day. As an activity instructor, you lead activities during the activity periods (with at least one other counselor), including teaching of activity skills and maintaining safety. Your activity assignments are based on the activities suited to your talents and interests (sports, fine arts, aquatics, performing arts, nature, etc.). Counselors have significant responsibility at Campus Kids. There are no assistant or junior counselors. As a counselor you receive excellent support from both your division leader and activity coordinator, as well as the camp director and assistant directors.

Positions are available for the 2019 camp season.

Division Leaders

Division leaders, called head counselors at our camp, support and supervise staff in their roles as bunk counselors. Each division leader works with one age division (3-5 bunk groups). They provide overall leadership for the division, creating "division spirit" as well as supervising daily logistics and insuring safety. They constantly check that the individual needs of every child are being met. They communicate with campers' parents as needed. As a team, division leaders help plan and coordinate evening programs and other all-camp activities. There are 6 division leaders at our camp, three for boys and three for girls.  Head counselors often lead one bunk division and also serve as a co-activity coordinator for one activity area.

These positions have been filled for the 2019 camp season.

Activity Coordinators

Activity coordinators support and supervise the staff in their roles as activity counselors and help insure safety and instructional continuity for campers. There is an activity coordinator for each of the following areas: aquatics (W.S.I. required), athletics, fine arts, performing arts. Strong knowledge of the particular activities is required as well as knowing how to teach these activities in a supportive, non-competitive environment, and being able to support and facilitate counselors in their roles as activity leaders.  Activity coordinators often co-lead one activity area as well as serving as a head counselor for one bunk division.

These positions have been filled for the 2019 camp season.

Assistant Directors

The assistant directors work closely with the division leaders and activity coordinators to insure the smooth safe, daily operation of the camp and to be sure that the individual needs of every camper are met.

These positions have been filled for the 2019 camp season.

Camper Support Coordinators

The Camper Support Coordinators (CSCs) work with staff and campers to ensure that the individual needs of campers are being met. The CSCs support staff to successfully meet camper behavioral needs, emotional needs, medical needs and mobility needs. The CSCs also oversee allergy management throughout the camp, including the camp dining room and camp snacks. In addition, the CSCs help support our youngest staff members (staff assistants).

One position is available for a female CSC. The male CSC position has been filled.


R.N.'s carry out the camp health and safety plans, operate the camp health center, administer medications, manage medical emergencies.  Doctor, ambulance and hospital are a few minutes from camp.  At least two nurses are on duty at any given time.

These positions have been filled for the 2019 camp season.

Office Staff

Office managers and assistants handle administrative functions, communications, transportation logistics, purchasing, etc. The camp office is the communications-administrative hub of camp.

Positions are available for the 2019 camp season.


Drivers must be appropriately licensed, 21 or older with clean driving record, and able to drive a mini-van, as well as help with a variety of projects at the camp office when not out driving.

Positions are available for the 2019 camp season.

Staff Assistants

These positions are open to former CK campers who are 16 or 17 years old. Click here for all of the staff assistant information. November 5th was the deadline for applications and references.  Contact Tom if you have any questions.

Staff Assistant applications for 2019 are no longer being accepted.  These positions have been filled.