Updated 1/22/2018

COUNSELOR salaries are determined after a review of the employment application and the interview. Most first-year counselors earn $2,100. "Salary increments" are given for having certain certifications (unless our camp pays for your training to earn those certifications). Staff members traveling significant distances may also be eligible for a partial reimbursement of transportation costs (up to $300). Because this is a residential camp position, all staff members receive room and board in addition to their salaries. Remember that staff members at Campus Kids have every weekend off -- from Friday evening to early Monday morning (except for the first week: staff orientation).

Please ask us about salary ranges for OTHER POSITIONS.

Staff members from OTHER COUNTRIES who are working through the J-1 visa program have a different compensation scale based on the guidelines of their program (Camp Leaders or CCUSA or Camp America), which is fully explained in their literature. We would be glad to answer questions about this.

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