Campus Kids offers several Sport Specialty Options within our traditional camp program.  These activities are also available as regular activity period choice options throughout the summer.


June 29-July 10 (our first two weeks of camp).
A true specialty at CK. You won't believe what you can learn about Ultimate Frisbee.

Complete Ultimate Specialty Program Details


July 13-July 24 (our 3rd and 4th weeks of camp).
Utilizing the 7-court, air conditioned squash center at our campus: Blair Academy.

Complete Squash Specialty Program Details


July 27-August 7 (our 5th and 6th weeks of camp).
Utilizing the 10-court tennis center at Blair Academy, here's a chance to spend more time advancing your skills, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Complete Tennis Specialty Program Details


A one-week option offered once each of these sessions:
Weeks 1-2 (June 29-July 10)
Weeks 3-4 (July 13-24)
Weeks 5-6 (July 27-August 7)
Utilizing the modern, air conditioned fitness center and other sport facilities at our campus: Blair Academy.

Complete Fitness Specialty Program Details***

These programs are offered for campers entering 7th grade*** and older who are enrolled in a regular Campus Kids session. Campers are members of regular bunk groups and participate in all the traditional fun of camp, but spend almost half of their program time in the sport specialty.

***The Fitness Specialty program is only available to 8th grade and older