You can print out the contents of the staff information packet, which includes an application form.
By clicking each link below and printing out the pages, you will have all of the necessary information to apply for a staff position at Campus Kids.

The application and reference form below are only for U.S. & Canadian citizens. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU ARE NOT A U.S. CITIZEN.

Read/Print the 2018 Staff Information Cover Letter (2 pages)

Read/Print the 2018 Summer Employment Opportunities (2 pages)

Read/Print the 2018 Staff Positions With Campus Kids (2 pages)

Read/Print the 2018 Staff Application Form (4 pages)
You many want to apply online instead.

Read/Print the Reference Form (2 Pages)
You many want to use the online reference form instead.,
We need 3 references

You can read/print more detailed job descriptions and the essential functions of the job here.

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