During the fall, winter and spring we give tours on Saturdays and Sundays.

During the summer, while camp is in session, we give tours on weekdays when you can see camp in action.

A Private Tour For Your Family!

Each tour is just for your family and is arranged by appointment. You can bring any family members or friends with you to the tour. We will show your family around camp, describe our program and facilities and answer all of your questions. Your tour guide will be one of the directors.

Campus Kids Summer Camp
Blairstown, NJ

Call 973-845-9260 or email for appointment

We offer private tours of camp by appointment.
During the summer we offer tours while camp is in session.

Please write or call (973-845-9260) to arrange your family's tour.
We will confirm your appointment in an email that includes details, directions and a campus map.

Weekend tours of Campus Kids are given fall, winter and spring.
Weekday tours are given during the summer when camp is in session.

Did you know there is also a Campus Kids online tour?

"Why do you sometimes give tours on religious holidays?" We are a non-sectarian camp that includes campers from different faith communities. Our staff, likewise, is diverse. Some of us are able to conduct camp tours while others are observing religious holidays.

Stu givesa tour to a prospective camp family