When you are budgeting the cost of a summer camp, don't forget to ask the director if he/she allows parents to tip the staff. This is important to know because tips can add significantly to the cost of camp.

tennis at Campus Kids Summer Camp"Some camps have a written policy that give parents tipping guidelines. Others allow tipping even though they have no published policy. When hiring staff, directors at these camps sometimes tell the prospective counselor the amount of salary that the camp will pay plus an estimate of tips he/she can expect to receive from parents. Obviously, these directors are able to pay lower salaries. Then there are the majority of camps, like Campus Kids, that have a policy that prohibits tipping. A Campus Kids staff member would lose his/her job for accepting tips.

We do not allow tipping because we feel it would diminish the professionalism of the work we do with your children. We believe that the camp tuition should cover all of the financial compensation provided to staff. First year staff members earn salaries commensurate with their educational level, previous work experience with children and special skills and certifications. Returning staff members earn salary increases that reflect the high value we place on the experience they have already had at Campus Kids. Returning staff can also work towards promotions to supervisory positions.

Parents often ask how they can show their appreciation to particular staff members. Staff cherish the cards and letters of thanks they receive from parents and campers (staff love to get mail too!). If you wish to give a gift, a small one is appropriate, the kind of gift where "it's the thought that counts" rather than having a significant monetary value. Homemade cookies are always a hit! And, of course, you can let the camp director know what you think of a staff member's job performance. We value parents' input, which helps us evaluate staff and decide who is invited back next year, as well as the type of job references we provide.

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