Campus Kids has many unique features, but we are best known for being "the weekday sleep‑away camp".

The Best of Both Worlds!

We created our camp to give kids a high quality, private resident camp experience while still enjoying summer fun with their families.

Campus Kids picks up campers at area meeting points on Monday mornings. The camp buses (air conditioned coach buses with bathrooms and camp counselors on board) arrive in camp by 10:00 AM. After a fun-filled week of camp, campers board the buses again late Friday afternoons and are home with their families by dinner time. Campers can sign up for sessions that are 2 weeks or longer.

We're just like a "regular" sleep-away camp with bunk groups, a wide variety of activities, terrific evening programs, shows and special events. Camp opens up the world to kids.  They become more independent, make lots of new friends, and meet people from different backgrounds. Their counselors are excellent role models who have a significant positive impact on their campers. If you came to one of our annual camp reunions in the winter, you would easily see how close everyone has become after a summer at camp.

We are often asked "what kind of families" choose Campus Kids. Some choose our program as a transition between day camp and 7-day-a-week resident camp. Their campers might spend one to three summers with us before going to another camp. In this case, we provide an important transition. Some of these campers might never have tried sleep-away camp if they didn't have an option like Campus Kids to get started.

More common, though, are those campers and their families who simply love our camp and the lifestyle it offers. They want family time together in the summer along with the terrific experiences of sleep-away camp. It's definitely the "best of both worlds" and these kids spend many summers at Campus Kids. We have campers who are in their fourth, fifth or sixth summer at our camp and our staff includes former campers who come back because they want to help provide the same experience for other kids that they fondly remember.

No two kids are alike. No two families are alike. People need choices and Campus Kids provides a unique summer camp option.

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