Apache Relay
Written by Doug Bienstock
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Apache Relay
Why it is named after an Indian tribe is anyone's guess.  It is simply a relay race consisting of different stations. Whichever team completes all stations first is the overall winner.

Set-up for the relay started well before start time.  The empty quad would be transformed by the staff into an event arena.

Right before the relay, the teams were announced and strategizing began!

The race began with the first station: nail painting.

Once finished, teams moved on to paper airplane throwing.

Each team's fitness was tested too.

Next came a jump rope challenge.

After finishing, teams had to construct a chain of paper clips.

The next event was for the poetic team members, poem writing.

Some more athletic events followed.

Those who were a little hungry did well at the baby food contest.

Anyone afraid of water wouldn't have faired well at the water balloon toss.

Soccer ball heading was the next event, but no one managed to photograph this event!

Campers would have impressed the Harlem Globetrotters at this station.

Teams then had to complete a wheelbarrow race.

Heading into the final stages of the relay, teams had to sing "I'm a Little Teapot."

The Three-legged race was the second to last event.
The final event was a long board race down "Drama Road."

Crossing the finish line, all the teams were caught their breath and cheered on the other teams.

Good job everybody!