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Campus Kids Logo The Weekday Sleep-Away Camp Monday through Friday at camp
AND  home with family on weekends!
Campus Kids Logo The Weekday Sleep-Away Camp
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Dining Room and Camp Meals

Campers eat delicious buffet style meals in the dining room with their bunk groups. There are always lots of choices: at least 1 meat and 1 vegetarian entree and fresh fruit and vegetables. Additionally, lunch & dinners will feature a salad bar, and plain pasta bar (sauce on the side), creative "left-overs" bar, and deli meats and salads. Our food service staff prepares nutritious, "kid friendly" meals.
Dining Room

Bunk group table
canteen group

We provide snacks in the afternoon and evening. Evening snack is served at the "canteen" at night and offers the opportunity to enjoy some small, additional treats (no extra charge). It's also a great social time before heading off to the dorm for the night.

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Campus Kids is the
"best of both worlds!"

Sleep-away camp during the week AND home with the family on weekends.

Transportation included.

Boys and Girls, Ages 7 to 15

Session lengths are 2 weeks up to full season.

Campers can call home!

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Transportation Included!

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