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Campus Kids Logo The Weekday Sleep-Away Camp Monday through Friday at camp
AND  home with family on weekends!
Campus Kids Logo The Weekday Sleep-Away Camp
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Check Out Our Gym & Indoor Pool!

Our gymnasium complex is awesome! We've got a fieldhouse (a double sized gym that fits 2 full basketball courts), a varsity gym, squash courts, a fitness center, aerobics & yoga room and more. It's also a great space for fencing and rainy day activities. Basketball gym Camp Fitness Center

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Indoor Swimming Pool

The heated, indoor swimming pool is ideal for our daily swim lessons and recreational swims (rain or shine!). Every camper gets regular swim instruction, except for our 14 and 15-year old campers (who can have it by request).
Blair Water Fall

We also use the gym and pool for evening programs and special events (we'll tell you more about them later on the tour).

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Campus Kids is the
"best of both worlds!"

Sleep-away camp during the week AND home with the family on weekends.

Transportation included.

Boys and Girls, Ages 7 to 15

Session lengths are 2 weeks up to full season.

Campers can call home!

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Transportation Included!

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